One liner jokes play a central role in making people laugh. They give you instant laughs from the crowd. Although one liner jokes are brief, still they require ample time to be plotted and made as humorous as possible. Delivery of the one liners is also a crucial factor in order to get the maximum number of laughs from the crowd. These one liners are always short and have all the humor to get people rolling into crazy laughter with their tummies aching due to laughing hard. One liners help in getting the attention of the people.

One liners have a distinct structure and framework. They must be brief and to the point but at the same time, they must have all the humor required to make others roll into crazy laughter. The one liners offer the twist that is needed to make these jokes hilarious. It is also framed to provide the surprise element. The one liners should take around 10 to 20 seconds to deliver. There is often a main word present in the one liner. The whole sentence is dependent and hangs on that keyword.

They are framed in a sequential order to make them more effective. It is important to make sure that the one liner must be easily interpreted by the people. It must not be vague, obscure, or complicated to create any sort of confusion in the minds of the people. If the people will understand the one liner and grab its humor element, then only they will be able to burst into laughter.

The beginning of the one liner is significant, as it is to create trust with the crowd and grab their complete attention. One liners is all about playing with the words. It is about keeping things brief yet sketching a funny comedy scene. One liners tremendously help in relaxing your mind and making you feel happy and cheered up.

The delivery of the jokes also counts a lot. Even a well written one liner can run flat if it is not delivered in a proper way. You need to memorize the one liners and practice them in front of the mirror or among friends and family. It ensures that you will deliver them in the most hilarious way possible to get everyone roll into wild laughter. Good comedians are really spontaneous and fluent with the one liners. You can learn more about the delivery of these jokes by watching different funny videos available on the internet. Content and delivery go hand in hand for one liners so make sure that you put efforts in both areas to improvise your joke writing skills.



Jokes turn the not so funny stuff into something completely hilarious. Humor is undoubtedly a blessing. It causes so many people to laugh out loud. You can transform a serious and stressful situation into a relaxed one by simply cracking a humorous joke. Political jokes have always been the centre of attention for comedians and a treat for the audience. People always enjoy well crafted political jokes. The essence of the political jokes is that they are current and fresh. They are based on any latest buzz in the news. Comedians grab or create a funny scene out of any of the latest political fuss around and get you laughing like crazy.

You can follow the following tips and tricks to make your jokes related to politics more effectively and to get most of the laugh from the crowd:


Let the audience dive into a complete scenario projected by you. Add humor to your presentation and create a complete sketch of the funny situation to make the audience roll into wild laughter. It will make your jokes more influencing.


80% people learn and pick more through visuals. Using suitable and appropriate probes helps a lot in getting maximum number of laughs from the crowd. A funny probe can enhance the influence of your funny act or joke and get the audience laughing. It may be a dummy or a funny model of any political personality. Use your imagination and be creative. Use the probes smartly in your act to make the most out of it.


You can always take help from funny video clips on the internet, sitcoms, or funny interviews on comedy channels, newspaper, magazines, etc. You can borrow ideas from them or come up with great ideas by going through them. You may borrow some funny political quotations and come up with your humor related stories. You can always seek inspiration from these resources, as they have a lot of funny things to offer related to political personalities and political agendas.


Keep your eyes and ears open for any happenings in the political world that can be turned into humorous stories. It can actually help you to create your own humor related funny stories too. The inspiration of these funny stories and acts are indeed real funny events that occur.


The humor must always be relevant. It must have a point, which makes sense for the audience to believe in it and to get laughing crazily.


Practical jokes in Comedy

Friends and sometimes unknowns crack practical jokes, as these jokes are very common, these days. TV shows are also promoting this type of comedy. They target a particular area to make a practical joke to the public and at the end of event, people laugh on their silliness. Regarding comedy, it is true that what is humorous to you may not be funny to others. It can be a great fun to work out a good practical joke on someone! Here are a few simple steps to make a practical joke.

At first, remember that it is not funny to the person being your target. But there is a chance to be admired by him / her. It is really significant that the person, who is object to the prank, enjoys it otherwise it is hateful and disgusting. If the target person of the practical joke enjoys and laughs at it, then certainly you have played a good prank.

While playing some practical prank, it is important that it should be funny for every person involved in the process and must be a cause for laughter. The next thing is to plan the situation, which you want to create. Finding the issue being target in the comic trick is important. It should not be harmful in any form for others and this is the key point that guarantees its success. Getting a start from your friends’ circle is good option for beginners.

Some people are good practical joker by nature and can create great funny situations that people love to enjoy. For being a good comedian, it is important to know how to make people laugh with the help of a joke. One can play these situations with familiars for enjoyment and pleasure. It will also give confidence to perform tricks on others too. For dealing with touchy people, it is must to find an issue, which is humorous for them otherwise, some unpleasant situation may arise.

It is quite helpful to convert a rash mood into pleasant one. Here I quote a statement for reference from my friend regarding his parents. He stated that his mother was quite touchy and father was fond of practical joking. His father always plays jokes on others even to his mom and it often changed the rash mood into pleasant one. So whenever you plan such events always keep positive approach rather than having a mean behavior to others. It will soon make you famous amongst your community. 



Laughter is a blessing and is magical when it comes to relieving you from stress, pain, anxiety, and frustration. It provides you relaxation and lifts your mood up. It actually charges you and gives you motivation to move on in life and gather all its goodness. When you laugh, it provides you physical and emotional satisfaction and happiness. It increases your immunity and makes you feel healthier. Itactually distracts your mind away from anger, anxiety, depression, and stress. It helps you to get rid of negative emotions. It is the best remedy to cure stress. It is interesting to know that you cannot feel sad or angry when you are laughing. When you laugh with others, it is more beneficial and powerful.  Have you noticed that when share a good joke with people around you, you end up laughing out loud with them and it is even more fun? You feel happy and the feeling of making others smile along with you brings you more satisfaction.

The best thing about laughing is that you get a very good feeling after it. It is interesting to know that laughing hard gives you emotional happiness, exercises your diaphragm, contracts your abs. Moreover, it is a good workout for your shoulders. This makes your muscles feel more relaxed.  Laughing helps you to increase your energy and efficiency to work, as it recharges you. It is also a very effective tool to keep relationships fresh and lively. It binds you with people around you. The feeling of being close to people and sharing happiness and laughter with them is itself an amazing experience. Laughing helps you to lower your stress, reduces your pains, relaxes your muscles, protects you from heart diseases, makes you stay healthy and fresh, and adds joy and zeal to your life. It improves your relationships with others and helps in effective interactions as it elevates teamwork. Laughing also allows you to promote good bonding with people, as it attracts others. It also ensures minimum conflicts, as it creates a very friendly and supportive environment.

Humor adds happiness and joy to life. It makes you feel good and is indeed a reliable medicine that ensures your life and your mind stays pleasant and stress-free. People always admire a person, who cracks jokes around to make them happy to get them laughing crazily. Joyful people also live longer and healthier. Thus, start laughing and say goodbye to your anxieties. After all, you do not want to miss all the fun life has for you. 


Being Hilarious Can Be Good For You

Laughter has the way to make you feel magical because it has the ability to mend a broken heart and even change the mood of the depressed ones. In awkward situations, it can break the ice and it is a pretty much positive tool to heal bad things. Jokes are a prescription that you can give to anyone and the best thing is that they do not harm anyone.

It is one of the best and oldest ways to lighten up the mood of stressed ones or even the stubborn ones. Laughter has mental and physical benefits. Hearing a good joke can delight your mood and it can make you smile. It is something we all need every day in our life. If you are telling a joke and others get it and laugh at it, then you have helped them in removing anxiety as well as fear from mind.

In my college days, whenever we used to present something in front of a group of people, our teachers had always suggested us to use laughter as a tool to break the nervousness and to bring matter over mind. People get stage fear and it’s totally natural but this fear can be turned into confident with jokes. Our teacher used to tell funny jokes, which honestly had always helped us to release the tension. I must say that without those jokes, we might not be able to perform well at that time.  

Today, tons of easy ways have been developed to find jokes of all kinds. We even used to crack jokes on our teachers along with our friends. This medicine can be needed by anyone. Telling a joke can crumble up the mental wall people have built in their heads. It can change your mood and suddenly you begin to like what you have instead of remembering what you don’t.

In social terms, the ability to laugh can give you the confidence to keep your head up, which people would never be able to do if they had been serious all the time. Having sense of humor is a quality that anyone can find attractive in you because it helps in bringing people closer. This trait must be present in the relationship with friends, family, co-workers, and even acquaintances. It is needed to break the status quo and spread ease. So, just explore the internet and find different jokes to please the people, who are in your social network. It will help you and them a lot.


Crack Jokes to Get Rid Of Depression

If you are depressed, all you need for getting back on track is some jokes. It is important to keep a check on yourself. There are times when people are telling us something really funny and we don’t find them funny at all. It is a sign that you are depressed and you have not laugh from a while. Life surely is hectic for everybody but depression leads us nowhere. When you won’t be in a good mood, nothing in life will seem to be good at all. We get depressed when life does not respond the way we want it to. During such a phase of life if you are able to laugh, then it is a blessing. This blessing comes to anyone, who knows how to crack jokes.

People, who tell jokes often or, who are funny are lively. They don’t get the circumstances they face overwhelm their minds. Have you ever wondered how these people are able to do that? It is because of humor and jokes.

If you are a humorous person then you will know how to make jokes a part of your everyday life. If you are depressed then you will be at the privilege to enjoy jokes. There are single liner jokes that can be appealing to some people and there are funny stories that you might enjoy. Just try reading some jokes to yourself. If they are funny, they are going to make you smile for sure.  And eventually when you will smile, you will forget about your stress or daily grind that you might be stuck in.

How to become humorous to take life lightly? No, you will not have to watch the comedy shows to find funny lines or read comedy books. Having an internet connection is enough to explore various jokes and funny sayings. Of course, you can watch comedy shows to delight yourself. You will simply have to crack the jokes that you read to make others delighted.

It is recommended to crack those jokes that you can relate to your personal life. Weight loss jokes, animal jokes, political jokes, lawyer jokes, sex related jokes, and similar other jokes, which we can relate to the daily life, are funny to pass on. They can make sense to all. When you can make others laugh with your jokes, you will like that feeling too. It’s going to be a good feeling so just keep on passing jokes and make your life less stressful.